The Agriturismo Santa Maria is connected to a farm that produces:

  - Green asparagus; 

  -Extra virgin olive oil, produced mainly from the Canino breed, with early harvesting, in order to obtain an Extra virgin olive oil that maintains all the organoleptic qualities;


The company wants to offer an experience to customers who intend to immerse themselves a little in farming, participating in some less strenuous and more technical steps in the agricultural production cycle, such as the "killing" of asparagus or pruning and / or elimination of suckers or suckers from olive trees.


 The Killing is a technique that involves the processing of freshly picked asparagus (the period in which it is performed is March-May) dividing them according to the size (ie the diameter of the product) and then grouping it into bundles of 0.50 Kg, tied with green rubber bands. The next step is to cut the deck to give the deck an equal length.


Pruning is a technique that consists in removing the branches that have already fructified from the plants, making those that will bear fruit in the current season stand out. There are two main types of pruning, renewal and maintenance pruning. The first is aimed at radically renewing the plant and is performed when the same has borne much fruit in the previous season. The second one is less radical and serves to preserve the plant, since it is thought that it will proceed with a good fruiting in the current season (it is carried out from February to the end of May)

 The elimination of suckers and suckers is a technique which consists in removing the male branches from the plants which, although they consume a lot of plant nutrition, do not produce, therefore they are harmful