Festival and festivals on Lake Bolsena



Sagra del Lattarino - Marta, fourth Sunday of the month of May, on the long lake of Bolsena.

It takes place on the fourth Sunday of the month of May. During the festival is distributed fried or tasted at the typical restaurants of Marta, the lattarino, one of the best known and delicious fish of Lake Bolsena.

 Feast of the Madonna del Monte - May 14th historical center of Marta This is a religious procession composed of multicolored floats, different each year, built by young martans, with works of several months, and decorated with products from the land and Lake Bolsena. as a pledge to the Madonna.



Piccolo Borgo in Festa - First weekend of July historic center of Marta The first weekend of July, the historic center is organized in a great forge of art and outdoor crafts. Object of the exhibition, to be purchased or admired, can be: plants and bonsai, pottery, embroidery, wrought iron objects, artistic stained glass, salt paste objects, exotic handicrafts, wooden objects, leather, rubber, paintings, sculptures , equipment of the past, decoupage, necklaces, bracelets, belts, etc. Festival della Cannaiola - Second half of July historic center of Marta The event takes place in the cellars and features streets and squares of the historic center, which for the occasion are enriched with tables and stools to taste the fabulous red wine (caneiola), which is served with tozzetti (hand-made desserts according to ancient Martan recipes) and other dry pasta. Good music is not lacking, strictly live. Not to be missed.



Tuscia Wine Festivals Until August 24th Tuscia celebrates its wines in the villages and squares with guided tastings, food and wine stands, folklore events, music and theater. Seventh edition for the event dedicated to wine promoted by the Chamber of Commerce and the Province of Viterbo.

Feast of the Fisherman - First Saturday and Sunday of August loc. "Pontoon", Marta It takes place on the first Saturday and Sunday of August in the gardens located on the shores of Lake Bolsena, near the beach of the fishermen. For the occasion, the gardens and houses overlooking the lake are decorated with traditional tools and fishing nets (Martavelloni). You cook freshly caught lake fish, with recipes handed down by the fishermen themselves. A typical example is the "Acquacotta alla pescatora" or "la Sbroscia".