About the Lake of Bolsena

Lake Bolsena ... in Farmhouse. "At the lake while staying in the country".


The lake of Bolsena (in Latin: Lacus Volsiniensisl Lacus Volsinin greater than the Italian volcanic lakes and the fifth in Europe, represents the background of our Agriturismo.) It was formed over 300,000 years ago.It has an oval shape and a total area of ​​113 , 5 square km, and a maximum depth of 151 meters It is the largest volcanic lake in Europe and is particularly appreciated for the cleanliness of its waters, so much so that they call it "the lake that drinks". find two islands: the Martana Island and the Bisentina Island, famous for being a set of uncontaminated natural landscapes, artistichecinquecentesche beauties and testimony of the passage of the Etruscan people.

On Lake Bolsena it is possible to take trips and guided boat tours, water sports and relax on the beach. You will find well-equipped establishments, chalets where among other things you can taste artisan ice creams, renowned discos and Latin-American restaurants. Celebrations on the lake are often organized flea markets and live concerts.

Do not miss the tour of the lake by boat, visiting the islands, and taking a swim on its clear waters. Those who love water sports can choose between fishing, sailing, wind surfing, canoeing, jet skiing, water skiing or diving.

Otherwise, tennis, soccer, volleyball, mountain biking, horseback riding, bowls and cards tournaments, trekking along a long avenue that starts from Marta along the lake, passes in front of the Martana Island, giving it a wonderful first floor. and arrive up to Montefiascone. Agriturismo lake of Bolsena.

Our farm enjoys a beautiful view of Lake Bolsena, that's why they call us the Agriturismo Sul Lago di Bolsena